Other Projects


Tlonar Apps Inc.

FotographAR is an AR-based photography teaching app, designed to help photography students and hobbyists to learn about the features on DSLR cameras, without having to carry around bulky and confusing manuals. The app could identify certain models of camera, and augment them with labels over important buttons and features. Users could tap a feature to be taken to info and tutorials about the feature, and how to use it to achieve desired effects.


Ubiq VR


I worked for a short time on a VR teleconferencing app for the Oculus GearVR. It was capable of making high-quality voice calls using WebRTC, while syncing users avatars using Unity Networking. Users could share files, and display them in-game on a virtual whiteboard, which could then be marked-up and saved. It was aimed to improve communication and give a more personal approach to meetings between remote employees. Unfortunately, I am currently not allowed to share images of it.

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