Omegatech: Aspen’s Story

Tutorial Level 5

I was contracted to create the final tutorial level for an upcoming Mobile action-RPG. The level features 4 different styles of game play depending on the players choice of play style, as well as introduces the player to new enemies, weapon types, and mechanics. This level encourages the player to be strategic, allowing multiple routes that vary in difficulty. Will you assault the enemy base directly? Quietly sneak in through the back door? Or utilize explosives and other props to safely deal damage from a distance?

Because this is designed for mobile devices, I had to carefully utilize models and materials in order to keep the level both visually detailed and interesting, and running smoothly at all times.


Ghost In The Machine

Half-Life 2

Ghost In The Machine is an experiment in gameplay scripting that allows the player to modify their environment by “hacking” into the security system of a Combine citadel. In a unique blend of puzzle/stealth gameplay the player must covertly modify turrets, disable force-fields, and eliminate guards in order to retrieve en experimental Gravity gun hidden deep within the citadel.

The “hacking” mechanic is simple and intuitive, and allows for some interesting visuals not usually found in Half-Life 2. When using the security system, the player sees a 3D visual representation of the citadel that he can navigate and use to solve puzzles, while evading firewalls and antiviral programs. Changes in the world are reflected in the security system in real-time so the player can use it to gain knowledge of enemy patrol routes.

What people are saying about Ghost In The Machine:

“WOW! I LOVED this map. This could definitely be made into a completely new mod, it adds a whole new dimension to potential puzzles.” – www.planetphillip.com

Glass House

Gears of War

In “Glass House”, the player is tasked with reaching the top of a large indoor residential complex, while fighting off the advancing locust horde. The level prominently features a large glass-ceilinged atrium which the player must weave through many times.

My focus with this project was to re-use a large interior space several times throughout the course of the level, so that i could create a longer, more highly polished level in less time.

SP-GlassHouse also features several scripted machinima sequences that serve to show the locust advancing on the player. These sequences are spectacular wow moments that are truly exciting to see and play through.

Dungeons and Dragsters

Neverwinter Nights

Dungeons And Dragsters is a short Single Player adventure for Neverwinter Nights that prominently features a unique Kart-Racing mini-game. The player must compete in a series of races and challenges in order to win an annual racing tournament. The player must use his speed, wits, and weapons in order to best the other racers and bring home the cup.

The Kart-Racing portions feature intelligent computer controlled racers, weapon pickups, and multiple paths through the course. All of this is tied together by familiar Neverwinter Nights style quests and combat sequences. Dungeons And Dragsters contains new Spells, Textures, and Models created specifically for this module.

Canyon 17

Unreal Tournament 3

Featuring the same classic gameplay as Quake 3: Arena’s “The Longest Yard” (AKA DM-17), Canyon 17 transports players to an ancient temple nestled away in a deep canyon carved by a river. A rickety wooden bridge stretching over the river is the only way in or out, but be careful not to fall. It can get windy up there….

Through the use of ambient sounds, lighting, and interesting architecture I attempted to convey as much of the history and purpose of the temple as possible. In order to achieve this I had to create several new static meshes that blended seamlessly with the stock UT3 assets I was using, including the rope bridge, the pillars, and the canyon walls themselves. The final result is an extremely atmospheric and fun deathmatch map.

Flash Flood

Half Life 2

Flash Flood was a short mini-level I created in order to familiarize myself with the Hammer Editor. The player takes on the role of Gordon Freeman just after he receives the airboat in the canals level of Half-Life 2. He must drive the boat through the sewers while being chased by manhacks.

In several areas the player must stop and activate flood gates in order to raise the water level in the sewers, allowing him to continue driving the airboat. The middle section of the level is punctuated by a high-speed, high-action driving sequence in which the player gets to mow down hordes of zombies in a narrow tunnel using the airboat.

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